Olympic Village of Athens, originally built to house the 2004 Olympic athletes, is now home to 2,500 low-income families. An isolated place, it has empty streets and hardly any evidence of public life, abandoned by the state. In contrast to the euphoria of the beginning of the millennium, this Village can be seen as a symbol of failure of many existing national hopes.
“Olympic Art Park” project is an attempt to transform the public spaces of the Olympic Village into a park of contemporary art. In the first part of the project, the artworks consist only of their labels that are placed at positions indicated by the artists. These labels include: artists’ full name as well as each artwork’s title, year of conception, technique, materials and dimensions. The second part of the project refers to the realization of the artworks without that being of artists’ or curator's responsibility. With an open call, all the inhabitants of the Olympic Village were invited to submit an artwork using their real names or any artistic pseudonyms.
The whole body of labels reflects the expectations of many locals, commenting at the same time on the mechanisms of contemporary art practices, as well as on the relationship between the inhabitants of the village and public administration, which is based on unfulfilled promises and the absence of any concrete action.

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